Meaning of Decays

English: Decays
Bangla: ক্ষয়প্রাপ্ত হত্তয়া, ক্ষয়প্রাপ্ত করা, পতন ঘটা, পতন ঘটান, ক্ষয়িত হত্তয়া, ঘুণে করা
Hindi: सड़ना, गलना, नष्ट होना, क्षीण करना, क्षीण होना, बिगड़ना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Definition: 1

to become decomposed; rot: vegetation that was decaying.

Definition: 2

to decline in excellence, prosperity, health, etc.; deteriorate.

Definition: 3

Physics. (of a radioactive nucleus) to change spontaneously into one or more different nuclei in a process in which atomic particles, as alpha particles, are emitted from the nucleus, electrons are captured or lost, or fission takes place.

Definition: 4

to cause to decay or decompose; rot: The dampness of the climate decayed the books.

Definition: 5

decomposition; rot: Decay made the wood unsuitable for use.