Meaning of Dealers

English: Dealers
Bangla: ব্যাপারী, ব্যবসায়ী, দোকানদার, পসারী, পণ্যজীবী, কাজের লোক
Hindi: विक्रेता, बांटनेवाला, ताश बांटनेवाला, बनिया, ताजिर, वितरक
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

a person who buys and sells articles without altering their condition; trader or merchant, especially a wholesaler: I got a dealer's discount on this coat.

Definition: 2

Cards. the player distributing the cards.

Definition: 3

a person who behaves or acts toward another or others in a specified manner: a plain dealer.

Definition: 4

Slang. a person who buys and sells drugs illegally.

Definition: 5

a person who buys securities for his or her account and retains them until sold to another.