Meaning of Deadliest

English: Deadliest
Bangla: মারাত্মক, প্রাণনাশক, সাঙ্ঘাতিক, কালসদৃশ
Hindi: घातक, मारक, प्राणघातक, उपसंहारक, प्राणघाती, मृतक के समान, प्राणनाशक, तीव्रकठोर, भयंकृर
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Definition: 1

causing or tending to cause death; fatal; lethal: a deadly poison.

Definition: 2

aiming to kill or destroy; implacable: a deadly enemy.

Definition: 3

like death: a deadly pallor.

Definition: 4

excruciatingly boring: The dinner party was absolutely deadly.

Definition: 5

excessive; inordinate: deadly haste.