Meaning of Deaconess

English: Deaconess
Bangla: স্ত্রী যাজক, স্ত্রী পুরোহিত
Hindi: स्‍त्री डीकन, प्राचीन तथा कुछ आधुनिक गिरजाघरों की वह स्‍त्री जिसका कर्तव्‍य डीकन का सा होता है
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

(in certain Protestant churches) a woman belonging to an order or sisterhood dedicated to the care of the sick or poor or who is engaging in other social-service duties, as teaching or missionary work.

Definition: 2

a woman elected by a church to assist the clergy.

Definition: 3

(Christianity) (in the early church and in some modern Churches) a female member of the laity with duties similar to those of a deacon