Meaning of Days

English: Days
Hindi: डेज
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

in or during the day regularly: They slept days rather than nights.

Definition: 2

the interval of light between two successive nights; the time between sunrise and sunset: Since there was no artificial illumination, all activities had to be carried on during the day.

Definition: 3

the light of day; daylight: The owl sleeps by day and feeds by night.

Definition: 4

Astronomy. Also called mean solar day. a division of time equal to 24 hours and representing the average length of the period during which the earth makes one rotation on its axis. Also called solar day. a division of time equal to the time elapsed between two consecutive returns of the same terrestrial meridian to the sun. Also called civil day. a division of time equal to 24 hours but reckoned from one midnight to the next. Compare lunar day, sidereal day.

Definition: 5

an analogous division of time for a planet other than the earth: the Martian day.