Meaning of Dashboard

English: Dashboard
Bangla: ড্যাশবোর্ড, ড্যাশবোর্ড, পানেল
Hindi: डैशबोर्ड, पर, नियंत्रण-पट्ट
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

(in an automobile or similar vehicle) a panel beneath the front window having various gauges and accessories for the use of the driver; instrument panel.

Definition: 2

Computers. a user interface or Web page that gives a current summary, usually in graphic, easy-to-read form, of key information relating to progress and performance, especially of a business or website: Our managers use an interactive dashboard to monitor employee data. The project dashboard shows all tasks assigned to your team. Test scores are posted on the school dashboard. a Web page or portal that provides links to key information and useful tools on a website: You can see financial reports with just one click from the dashboard. Use the dashboard link to add a location to your blog post.

Definition: 3

a board or panel at the front of an open carriage or the like to protect the occupants from mud or dirt cast up by the hoofs of the animals drawing the vehicle.

Definition: 4

Also called (Brit) fascia. the instrument panel in a car, boat, or aircraft Sometimes shortened to dash

Definition: 5

(obsolete) a board at the side of a carriage or boat to protect against splashing