Meaning of Dares

English: Dares
Bangla: আমন্ত্রণ, আহ্বান, ডাক
Hindi: साहस करना, हिम्मत करना, धृष्टता करना, साहास कर पाना, ढिठाई करना, जोखिम उठाना, जोखिम सहना, जोखिम में पड़ना, ललकारना, चुनौती देना, उकसाना, उभाड़ना, उत्तेजित करना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Definition: 1

to have the necessary courage or boldness for something; be bold enough: You wouldn't dare!

Definition: 2

to have the boldness to try; venture; hazard.

Definition: 3

to meet defiantly; face courageously.

Definition: 4

to challenge or provoke (a person) into a demonstration of courage; defy: to dare a man to fight.

Definition: 5

to have the necessary courage or boldness to (used chiefly in questions and negatives): How dare you speak to me like that? He dare not mention the subject again.