Meaning of Damascus

English: Damascus
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

a city in and the capital of Syria, in the SW part: reputed to be the oldest continuously existing city in the world.

Definition: 2

Official name Syrian Arab Republic. a republic in SW Asia at the E end of the Mediterranean. 71,227 sq. mi. (184,478 sq. km). Capital: Damascus.

Definition: 3

a territory mandated to France in 1922, including the present republics of Syria and Lebanon (Latakia and Jebel ed Druz were incorporated into Syria 1942): the French mandatory powers were nominally terminated as of January 1, 1944.

Definition: 4

an ancient country in W Asia, including the present Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and adjacent areas: a part of the Roman Empire 64 b.c.–a.d.

Definition: 5

the capital of Syria, in the southwest: reputedly the oldest city in the world, having been inhabited continuously since before 2000 bc Pop: 2 317 000 (2005 est) Arabic names Dimashq, Esh Sham (ɛʃ ʃæm)