Meaning of Cadge

English: Cadge
Bangla: ভিক্ষা করা, ফেরি করিয়া বেড়ান, ভিক্ষা চাহিয়া ফেরা
Hindi: फैरी लगाना, बेचते फिरना
Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to obtain by imposing on another's generosity or friendship.

Definition: 2

to borrow without intent to repay.

Definition: 3

to beg or obtain by begging.

Definition: 4

to ask, expect, or encourage another person to pay for or provide one's drinks, meals, etc.

Definition: 5

to beg.