Meaning of Alarming

English: Alarming
Bangla: ভীতিপ্রদ, ভীতিকর, ত্রাসকর, ত্রাসজনক, বিপদাশঙ্কাপূর্ণ, বিপদ্সঙ্কেতপূর্ণ
Hindi: भयानक, डरावना
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

causing alarm or fear: an alarming case of pneumonia; an alarming lack of respect.

Definition: 2

a sudden fear or distressing suspense caused by an awareness of danger; apprehension; fright.

Definition: 3

any sound, outcry, or information intended to warn of approaching danger: Paul Revere raced through the countryside raising the alarm that the British were coming.

Definition: 4

an automatic device that serves to call attention, to rouse from sleep, or to warn of fire, smoke, an intruder, etc.

Definition: 5

a warning sound; signal for attention.