Meaning of Agio

English: Agio
Bangla: টাকা ভাঙ্গানর বাবদ বাটা, বদল করার বাবদ বাটা, টাকা ভাঙ্গান, টাকা ভাঙ্গাইবার স্থান
Hindi: बट्टा
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

a premium on money in exchange.

Definition: 2

an allowance for the difference in value of two currencies.

Definition: 3

an allowance given or taken on bills of exchange from other countries, as to balance exchange expenses.

Definition: 4


Definition: 5

the difference between the nominal and actual values of a currency the charge payable for conversion of the less valuable currency