Meaning of Adjust

English: Adjust
Bangla: সমন্বয় করা, বিন্যস্ত করা, ঠিকভাবে চালু করা, নিয়ন্ত্রিত করা, পাত্তনা মেটান, চড়ান, খাপ খাত্তয়া
Hindi: समाधान करना, ठीक करना
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to change (something) so that it fits, corresponds, or conforms; adapt; accommodate: to adjust expenses to income.

Definition: 2

to put in good working order; regulate; bring to a proper state or position: to adjust an instrument.

Definition: 3

to settle or bring to a satisfactory state, so that parties are agreed in the result: to adjust our differences.

Definition: 4

Insurance. to determine the amount to be paid in settlement of (a claim).

Definition: 5

to systematize.