Meaning of Addicted

English: Addicted
Bangla: অভিরত, আসক্ত, পরিপক্ব, অত্যাসক্ত, উপসেবক, অনুরত
Hindi: व्यसनी, वशीभूत, लीन
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym: Abandoned , Devoted , Given over , Inclined , Accustomed , Disposed , Given up , Prone , Attached , given , Habituated , Wedded
Antonym: Averse , Disinclined , Indisposed , Unaccustomed

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Definition: 1

devoted or given up to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming (usually followed by to): to be addicted to drugs.

Definition: 2

a person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict.

Definition: 3

to cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on an addictive substance, as alcohol or a narcotic.

Definition: 4

to habituate or abandon (oneself) to something compulsively or obsessively: a writer addicted to the use of high-flown language; children addicted to video games.

Definition: 5

(transitive; usually passive) often foll by to. to cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, esp a narcotic drug)