Meaning of LSD

English: LSD
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

U.S. Navy. a seagoing, amphibious ship capable of carrying and launching assault landing craft from a large, inner compartment that can be flooded, and of making emergency repairs at sea to smaller ships.

Definition: 2

Pharmacology. a crystalline solid, C 20 H 25 N 3 O, the diethyl amide of lysergic acid, a powerful psychedelic drug that produces temporary hallucinations and a schizophrenic psychotic state.

Definition: 3

least significant digit.

Definition: 4

pounds, shillings, and pence.

Definition: 5

lysergic acid diethylamide; a crystalline compound prepared from lysergic acid, used in experimental medicine and taken illegally as a hallucinogenic drug Informal name (as an illegal hallucinogen) acid