Meaning of Future

English: Future
Bangla: ভবিষ্যৎ, আগামী, ভাবী, ভবিষ্যত্কালিন, অনাগত, ভবিষ্যদ্দ্যোতক, আয়েন্দা, পরবর্তীকালীন, ভবিষ্য, হবু, ভবিষ্যতের গর্ভস্থিত
Hindi: भविष्य, आगामी, आनेवाला
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण

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Definition: 1

time that is to be or come hereafter.

Definition: 2

something that will exist or happen in time to come: The future is rooted in the past.

Definition: 3

a condition, especially of success or failure, to come: Some people believe a gypsy can tell you your future.

Definition: 4

Grammar. the future tense. another future formation or construction. a form in the future, as He will come.

Definition: 5

Usually, futures. speculative purchases or sales of commodities for future receipt or delivery.