Meaning of Campbell

English: Campbell
Hindi: कैंपबेल
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

Alexander, 1788–1866, U.S. religious leader, born in Ireland: cofounder with his father, Thomas, of the Disciples of Christ Church.

Definition: 2

Avril Phaedra [av-ril] /ˈæv rɪl/ (Show IPA), (Kim) born 1947, Canadian politician: first woman prime minister 1993.

Definition: 3

Colen [kol-uh n,, koh-luh n] /ˈkɒl ən,, ˈkoʊ lən/ (Show IPA), or Colin, died 1729, Scottish architect and author.

Definition: 4

Colin (Baron Clyde) 1792–1863, Scottish general.

Definition: 5

Sir John, 1779–1861, English jurist and writer: Lord Chancellor of England 1859–61.