Meaning of Baltimore

English: Baltimore
Hindi: बाल्टिमोर
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

a black nymphalid butterfly, Melitaea phaeton, characterized by orange-red, yellow, and white markings, common in those areas of the northeastern U.S. where turtlehead, the food plant of its larvae, is found.

Definition: 2

David, born 1938, U.S. microbiologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1975.

Definition: 3

Lord, Calvert, Sir George.

Definition: 4

a seaport in N Maryland, on an estuary near the Chesapeake Bay.

Definition: 5

a port in N Maryland, on Chesapeake Bay. Pop: Pop: 628 670 (2003 est)