Meaning of Adjacent

English: Adjacent
Bangla: সন্নিহিত, সংলগ্ন, পার্শ্ববর্তী, অন্তিক, একটি সাধারণ ভুজবিশিষ্ট, পাশাপাশি, পার্শ্বগত, অব্যবহিত
Hindi: आसन्न, संलग्न
Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym: Abutting , Bordering , Contiguous , Neighboring , Adjoining , Close , Coterminous , Next , Attached , Conterminous , Near , Nigh , Beside
Antonym: Detached , Disconnected , Disjoined , Distant , Remote , Separate

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Definition: 1

lying near, close, or contiguous; adjoining; neighboring: a motel adjacent to the highway.

Definition: 2

just before, after, or facing: a map on an adjacent page.

Definition: 3

being near or close, esp having a common boundary; adjoining; contiguous

Definition: 4

(maths) (of a pair of vertices in a graph) joined by a common edge (of a pair of edges in a graph) meeting at a common vertex

Definition: 5

(geometry) the side lying between a specified angle and a right angle in a right-angled triangle