How to use Preposition in the sentence with example?

Every Preposition has meaning. Mainly Preposition uses in the sentence or word according to its meaning. But sometimes it is difficult to use preposition. In that case, should remember and practice. Preposition is mainly a connective word. It works to make relation between two words. After a certain word which certain preposition used its called appropriate preposition. If you want to know to use Preposition properly then read English with carefully and critically.
How to use Preposition in sentence with example?

How to use Preposition in the sentence

There are few more rules to use Preposition. Although it is do not follow the certain rules but we will show the main condition of use Preposition.
1. After Preposition must be used noun or anything equivalent to noun. It means, there will be object or complement of Preposition.
2. There are not use Verb/Adjective/Adverb/Conjunction/Interjection after Preposition.
3. Preposition does not use in any certain meaning all time. Same Preposition uses different meaning in different way and time. Below we will show you some example of most uses Preposition.

Preposition uses in the sentence with example and Bangla meaning

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